The demand for hybrid and fully-electric vehicles is expanding rapidly. Signs of this growing industry can be seen in the introduction of more charging stations around the Lake Charles area. If you've been interested in the benefits of hybrid EVs, like spending less on gas and various tax incentives, Navarre Group is here to fill you in.

Electric Vehicles vs. Hybrid vs. PHEV

Orange, TX drivers: There's a lot of new jargon surrounding electric and hybrid vehicles, so let's take a moment to define some of these terms.

Electric Vehicles

An electric vehicle is powered only by a rechargeable internal battery. This means no more trips to the gas station, as these models are not powered by an internal combustion engine. However, this does not eliminate the need for refueling. Electric vehicles can be charged at home in Moss Bluff, LA with a personal charging station, or at the growing number of charging stations in your area.


A hybrid vehicle uses a combination of gas and battery power. There are many ways in which these vehicles implement the hybrid fuel system. At slower speeds, the gas engine will deactivate, then taking power from only the battery pack. This can help save fuel and lower emissions when stuck in traffic or driving in a residential or commercial area. The battery does not need to be recharged at a charging station—methods like regenerative braking and energy produced by the combustion engine recharge the hybrid's battery.


A PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) is a combination of a hybrid and an electric vehicle. The electric battery and the gas engine work together to save fuel, but can also function independently. Your car will primarily sip power from the battery but will automatically switch to the gas when you're in need of a charge. You will fill these cars up with gas, as you would a regular gas vehicle, and charge the battery using an at-home or public charging station.

Benefits of an EV for Sulphur, LA Area Drivers

Now that you're familiar with how these vehicles work, let's talk about the benefits.

  • With a hybrid EV, you can save a fortune on gas and maintenance, all with the option of recharging at home. But remember, charging stations are on the rise in your area.
  • To lower your carbon footprint, hybrids produce fewer emissions.
  • You can also enjoy improved performance, due to the lightweight nature of the car.
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